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I don’t go into public often but when I do I’m buying random irrelevant objects at 2 am or slipping on rainy pavements and smacking face first into streetlights in front of store windows

Do you have any pictures of yourself on here?

What perfect timing, my anonymous friend. I do not have any pictures of myself on here, but I have just been intending to call attention to all followers:


A certain project which was the very reason for my making this blog years ago is soon to be ready for unveiling. And I believe a formal introduction is finally in order.


Nothing reminds you of mortality more strongly than when that one soap pump you’ve always had around forever finally runs out

oh my god *inspired drawing* is following me

no big deal


You are never too old to throw every blanket you own into the dryer then build an igloo with them

I had this dream I was a really dumb bird and I made my nest in a plant that grew literal eggs and all the other birds made fun of me until they realized predators would eat the eggs off the vine instead of looking for a nest in the plant and I was totally safe and then all the other birds got gorily eaten and if you think any of this is going to stop me from eating an absurd amount of sugar before bed you’re still wrong

Ode to the Midnight Snack

Ode to the Midnight Snack

We all like to make fun of Snapes swishy black hair and clothes or Filchs clear BDSM obsession or the fact that Voldemort doesn’t have a nose only to hide the fact that these things genuinely scared the fucking shit out of us as children

I just came to the most profound conclusion that I have no idea how in the hell insects breathe.

There is nothing more disappointing than spending eons on a commission adding tons of personality and character to it with loads of special attention and detail and then they hate it